Sunday, April 3, 2011

Photos - Blogger, Picassa, Flickr

A quality photo if ever I saw one!
49KB from my desktop and now in Google photo.

A better quality photo from Flickr.160KB

I have discovered that blogger has a space limit for photos uploaded to my blog. I can upload about 12,000 small photos. 
I found that the photos I upload onto my blog are automatically being stored on Google photo in a Picassa web album. It is Google photo that has the storage limit of 1G.

Thanks to Allie I have explored Flickr as a place to store my blog photos. It is only possible to upload one at a time to my blog because you have to insert the URL for the image but Flickr has no limit on storage space. They only have a limit on how much you can upload to your Flickr stream in a month. For me that would be about 150 photos a month!

Now I will be uploading photos I want to use on my blog from iphoto to Flickr then I will put them into my blog one at a time. I used to put them in one at a time anyway.

The first photo of me was about 2MB. I exported it as medium size from iphoto to my desktop then uploaded it and it is now about 53KB.
Now I will be putting the full size photo into Flickr then setting up a link in blogger to the image using its URL.  I can get a better picture without filling up my Google photo space. You can see the second photo is better quality. It is about 160KB.

How do I get my photo out of Flickr?

Go to Flickr and click on the photo you want.
At the top click on 'Actions' and select 'View all sizes'

Click on the medium option.

Right click the image and click on 'copy image location'

Come back to your post and click on the picture icon to insert an image.
Choose the 'from URL' option.

Paste the URL into the dialogue box and your image appears.

Add selected.

Flickr asks that if you use photos from Flickr that you include a link to Flickr in your blog. I have put my photo stream in the right hand side bar as my link to Flickr.

Setting up your Flickr account is pretty simple. If you haven't got one yet go for it.

Happy Blogging,
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