Monday, April 18, 2011

Blog Button with Code (a new clever pants post)

You can make any picture you own or draw into a blog button. The instructions at eHow are pretty good so I am not going to repeat them here but I thought a few more pictures might be helpful. You will still need to use the eHow instructions.
How do you get the URL for your image in Flickr? You will find how to do that here.
How do you get the URL for an image you have uploaded to your blog post from your computer?
Upload your image in the usual way using 'Choose file'.

Publish your post.

This is a screenshot of my image in an old post.
Click on the image and it takes you to a new page with just the image.
Notice the long address for your image in the address box.

Clicking on the image takes me to a page with just the image.
You click on the address to select it then copy it. This is what you need to paste into the code for the button so the computer knows where to find the image.
Remember that if something happens to this image or this post you have to redo the code for your button. It is the same if you move house you have to give people your new address.

My personal preference is to copy the image from someone's blog then add a link to it. That way I control the link information.

You may be wondering why eHow can't just give you some code to copy and paste. Trouble is you still have to know where to substitute your information and if they use working code you don't see the code,  you see the box you are trying to make. It is a bit tricky to share info about instructions for the computer on a computer. Instead of showing you the instructions it follows the instructions.

Hope this is useful,
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