Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tickled Pink Tuesday and Tuesday Treasures Double Up

I have two little tea pots that I use nearly everyday. They hold two small cups or a large mug and both have removable strainers that make them easy to use. Since they are both made in Japan I have included a couple of other Japanese treasures. The little cat really tickles me.

My daughter visited Japan last year and brought me back some sencha green tea a cute little cup and some utensils. The tea tastes a bit like grass but does improve the longer it steeps. You really only want a small cup of it.

I love the little whisk but I don't have any powdered tea to whisk with it yet. I am not in any great hurry to get some because I have heard it doesn't taste very nice.

This lovely set was also a present from the same daughter. Christmas present 2008. I only use the little cups if I am having the grassy green tea.

I couldn't resist the little cat on this pot and mug. I was in Bowral on a sewing guild tour and we had to walk past the tea shop to get to the fabric shop.  Needless to say I spent my day's budget on the tea set and could only afford a few balls of alpaca wool that day. I used the wool to make the brown scarf I posted about one day. The mug is a perfect size for coffee and is delightful to drink from.

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Allie-oops and Polka Dots and Rick Rack will have what is Tickling them when the calender rolls over to Tuesday in their neck of the woods.

Happy Quilting,
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