Friday, April 1, 2011

Pincushion update and my silicone mat

I have finished DeeDee's pincushion part and have sent it along to Sheila. It was fun to do and I am really pleased with how it turned out. I hope DeeDee likes it. I thought that even close up my stitches weren't too shameful.

I think I might try some of this wool applique on some bigger things like all the 6" blocks at Wee Folk Art.   They lend themselves to crazy backgrounds and lots of embellishments. Perhaps it should be a 10 year project and I just keep adding to it :)

I have discovered how to fit the pieces together using a silicon mat. It is a thin non stick sheeting that I bought from Aldi once. You are supposed to cut it out and use it in your frying pan. I have seen it sold for the barbeque as well so you could probably get it from a kitchen shop or a place that sells barbeques.
It means I can lay the pieces over the drawing to get them in the right positions. As long as they overlap a bit they will all stick together in a single unit when it is ironed. The mat is made to withstand the heat and it is non stick so the glue stays on the fabric the way it does when you peel off the applique paper.

Get you pieces ready and peel off the paper.
Put the mat over the drawing on the ironing board.

Place the pieces over the drawing. Carefully lay a cloth over and press.
Gently peel it off the mat.
I peeled this off and moved it a bit to show the matching drawing.

Happy Embellishing,
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