Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Online fabric shops I have bought from

I took the plunge and started buying fabric from the US. I did the calculations over and over and every time the cost worked out half the price of buying it in Australia. Now, I do like to support my local shops because it is so handy to pop down and get some threads of batting but my money is hard earned too. I thought it may be helpful to name the couple of shops I have bought from with complete satisfaction.

Elkabee's Fabric Paradise
This link is to the page of themes like cats, music etc. I bought 7 yards of different bird fabrics and postage was  $13.95 USD
I was notified that they had shipped and they are now intransit. It takes about 2 weeks.
I have been in email contact with them as well.

Old Country Store Fabrics
I found a few things here that were not in other shops. Once again I ordered 7 yards of fabric and paid $13.95 USD postage.
The owner emailed me to say that the fabric had been accurately cut and carefully folded and packed and was on its way which I thought was pretty good. I recieved it in about 2 weeks.

Material Evidence Shop
I bought wool felt pieces from this shop. I bought 10 pieces of my choice of colours. I love it and have ordered another set of 10 pieces. I paid with paypal and the owner emails you when your order has been shipped. It worked out about $3.20 AUD a piece A4 size for pure wool felt. Once again about 2 weeks wait. Inside the envelope it was carefully wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a ribbon.

Hawthorne Threads
Great service, great prices. The most yardage I have seen for minimum postage. 9yds for $13.95 USD
They also have a newsletter.

Another shop that seemed to have a few different things was The Best Kept Secret
I haven't bought anything from them yet.

Bug Fabrics
Haven't used them yet but they have lots of nice novelty prints and buttons.

Happy online shopping,
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