Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Block Keeper

I finished my block keeper yesterday and I love it. It is on the kitchen table at present and I have to keep patting the pumpkin :D
It is not really quite finished. I want to buy some little pink heart buttons that I saw at BigW to sew in the center of the yellow squares.

I put two straps inside to separate two piles of blocks and it can be opened from each side.You have to flip it over. I used bag wadding (stiff more dense than quilt wadding). I almost left off the tie ribbons but I thought if I dropped it things might fly out. I had no bought-to-match ribbon but I found the ribbon I saved from the orange Aldi tea towels that I bought. It says Peppertree all along it but the brown fits in OK. I nearly made the whole thing too small. The raw edges of the blocks just stick out a bit top and bottom.

I had to stuff the front inside the back to get the straps attached properly. I had to leave the bottom edge open on both the front and the back so I could turn them and also fit the wadding in. I decided the wadding would be too hard to sew in and turn so I just slipped it in and sewed it up close to the bottom edge.  

This is the back cover. The cup and cupcake stitchery is from one of my many magazines.

To get in from this side you undo the ribbons on the right. No blocks on this side so you can see the straps. To get to the blocks you can see on the other side close it up and do up the ribbons. Flip it over to the pumpkin cover and undo the other ribbons and open it up. Sounds tricky :) Not going to even try to write a tutorial for this one!

We have a spar out back and the frogs think it is a tropical frog pond! We opened the cover the other day and there were six green frogs. These three were a bit slow to jump in.

I just have to show you these cute felt brooches. Bit too expensive for me to buy but it shows what is possible with felt. She has a couple of cute tutorials too.

And lastly, I enjoyed visiting Bec's blog Chasing Cottons for the Quilt Class 101. The fabric give away looks awesome.

Happy Quilting.
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