Saturday, April 16, 2011


I am making two little zipper pouches. I only had one suitable zipper so one is finished and the other is up to the zipper. I want to use clips to add a black twisted cord strap. I was pretty pleased with how the zipper behaved. I think I have finally got the hang of my zipper foot. The back of it always seemed to get in the way but I have worked out that it is supposed to sit over the zipper teeth as you sew very close to them. Bit like a Doh! moment but I never read the manual.

I used a pattern that I downloaded from Skip to my Lou. I couldn't find it again when I just visited their site. I had to do a google search and found it here.

I can't remember exactly where I found this tutorial but it may have been at the zipper purse queen's site, Sandra Sews

Just while I am referring to other sites I quite liked whip up. They seem to interview a lot of guest designer bloggers and there are a few nice tutorials - page link at the top. They are presently in the middle of an Aussie quilting blog tour that I am going to go back and look at.
Next week they are starting off a LucyKate book tour. If you haven't seen LucyKate's little stuffed toys you should have a look. They are really cute and she has a new book out that will be the giveaway along the book tour.

Just had to share this Noddy fabric from Old Country Stores Fabric
Here is a taste:

Happy Sewing,
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