Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday chat

Not much going on here today. The weather is a bit cloudy and dull but it is still quite warm 23C.
I started a bunny penny rug (and now I have to remember who makes them and look it up). My first guess was Jeanette's Place but she makes the candle mats (close).

It has taken me 15mins checking through my blog list to realize it wasn't there. Luckily she had pictures on flickr that I found when I googled penny rugs. I can't believe that I didn't even leave a comment when I downloaded Elizabeth's lovely patterns. I have now left a comment and follow her.

This just reinforces my need for two more blog lists in my side bar. I started entering some giveaways but I wanted to keep track of where I had entered so I have made a Giveaway Blog list on the bottom left side of my blog. I get some good sites off Stray Stitches. She kindly has a giveaway list near the end of each post.

The other list I have made is Blogs I find in my travels. I can't really comment on any more blogs but some are just too good to pass over or look like they might be worth a second look so they go in this list for a while to be in easy reach.

Time to get dressed and think about lunch and maybe do a bit more on my bunny rug.

Happy Sewing
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