Sunday, March 20, 2011

Amber Jewellery

I love to do a bit of beading but my husband is into grinding and shaping gem stones. His latest favourite is amber. Not exactly a stone but tree resin that is millions of years old. It polishes up to a lovely lustre and has a soft honey colour in lots of shades. When I sort out my ETSY shop I will be putting these up for sale so stay tuned.

I set up my table cloth in front of my little lounge. I used to have a coffee table here but I put it into my sun room. It makes me feel like I am in Paris again.

I also made some arm warmers for one daughter.

I have been busy doing some autumn applique on my orange tea towel today. It is like drawing with the machine. I love how it is coming along but it won't be done for a few days yet.

I tried to look at some of the FNSI posts but there are just so many! I started going down the list from my name and have only visited about 10 blogs because it is impossible to visit without reading and commenting. There is just so much going on out there.
Time to take a break.

Happy Quilting,
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