Sunday, March 27, 2011

Your photo made into a link

When I created my design page I just wanted photos to link to the related post. This is how I did it.

Put your photo in the same as usaual.

Select your photo then click the Link menu item to unhilight it.
(The Link item is hilighted because the default link opens the photo in a new page )

Next time you select the photo the link menu item is not hilighted any more.

Go to the page or post that you want to link to and copy the URL

Go back to your edit posts page.
With the photo selected click on the link menu item to get the add link dialogue box.

 Paste in the URL. Any text you add becomes part of the link.

(When you preview your post the links aren't active.)

To change the link info:

I worked out that if you want to completely remove the text just click on it and delete it a letter at a time. When I clicked change and did it in the dialogue box the whole photo was deleted too. To add text just click next to the photo and the text becomes part of the link. Probably better to add a caption or not.


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