Saturday, March 12, 2011

Autumn tones and Teacups

Yesterday I had time to visit the quilting shop before getting home in time for the chicken dinner my husband was cooking for lunch. I had seen the new collection of browns on my last visit but I had other things in mind at the time. When I discovered the pieced leaf pattern in the latest Homespun I new I just had to buy some of the fabrics. I only wanted to spend about $25 so I could only choose 4 fabrics out of several shelves worth. Very difficult in a time limit. The tea towels were $7 for 3 at Aldi and they feel really nice. (They only had orange.) I think I will outline the leaf in cream. Buttonhole it on to the cream then buttonhole that onto the tea towel. I also bought two cheap embroidery rings to display something. I haven't quite decided what yet. I might just put my nice tea cup fabrics in them for now. I'll take some pictures for later.

My mum bought this book when she visited Sydney recently. She has kindly lent it to me for a while. Some of the designs are almost freaky. I love the outlined birds in the centre of the back cover and there is a nice idea for a makeup bag and "Birds on a wire" which is cute birds lined up on power lines. There is a little stuffed cardinal and an applique owl that look cute too.

A friendly young magpie that has been around all season is hanging around by himself now. He makes nice noises near the door.
Saturday is 'clean the venetians upstairs and in the lounge room' day. At present the venetians are divided into two days. There are seven on one day and four on the other. The seven is becoming a chore so I think I will move three of the seven to the 4th Sunday of the month. My Sundays are free at present.
I have been enjoying all the tea cups lately. It seems quilters drink a lot of tea (and maybe eat a few muffins). I have been inspired to make a blog catalogue of my tea cups, teapots and tea selections. Some have stories to go with them and it might be nice to look back on when I am old and losing my memory. Maybe I could call it Tickled Pink Teacup Tuesday Treasures and join in some of the Tuesday blog hops. I always enjoy looking at them.

This is one of my many favourites. Oooh! I can hardly wait til Tuesday :)

Happy Quilting,
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