Saturday, March 19, 2011

FNSI and catchup

This is just the top. I will finish it today.

Hi everyone.
I can't believe how hard it was not to make contact with you all in blogger land.  I checked my mail a couple of times but I had promised myself a break from typing (a laptop on a desk is not good for the forearms) and I wanted to rest my eyes a bit. Sewing is pretty intense on the eyes as well. I am typing with the laptop on my lap this morning. I guess that is the way it was meant to be used.

It is always nice to get new followers so welcome to Maryellen, Tarnyia and Donna. I hope you visit often and don't forget that even better then followers are comments. I love making contact with people.

I showed you my teacup fabric the other day and I have been busy making my table cloth. It is not completely finished but I have done the top and have the back ready to sew. At first I was thinking of a check binding but it didn't seem right  and I thought that table cloths don't have binding they have borders. I decided to include a narrow border in the top and the back and sew it right sides together and turn it.

I added borders top and bottom then the sides like a patchwork block.

I found a great pattern for crochet arm warmers on Julia Crossland's blog and made myself a pair. I decided to adjust the pattern a bit by decreasing either side of the seam each four rows ( from 41 trebles to 33 at the finger end ) and I moved the thumb hole slightly further from the seam line. I am making some for my daughters and have finished one more arm. I am going to make myself a short pair as well. I used Big W Shawn Sheep Stirling pure wool 8 ply.  50g of each colour should be enough. (I used some left over balls). I bought some Panda for the daugters' cause it is very soft.

I said I was going to look at the hills in my time off. It is a very pleasant view. I spent some time outside reading my crochet magazine and crocheting.

I was looking out my kitchen window and could see a big red blob in the swamp gum. At first I thought it was a bird but then I realized it was the first flowers. It is a lovely tree with big gum nuts and big flowers in a lovely shade of pink.

Such a pretty tree. It is Western Australian.

I can't believe how pretty my pincushion looks with the flowers Fiona added. You can have a look on Fiona's blog. I still haven't got Deedee's in the post yet. Should be here this week though. Now it is a bit of breakfast then back to checking around the blogs and replying to comments.

 Happy Quilting ( and blogging) :)
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