Saturday, March 26, 2011

Butterfly brooch

I loved my butterflies so much I decided to make a brooch.

View and download the butterflies.

I traced the pattern onto the fusible applique paper in reverse - actually I forgot to do it in reverse :)
Then ironed it onto a large piece of felt and fre motion sewed the edges and the details.
I trimmed around the felt leaving a 1/8' border. Sorry the pictures don't match. I reused the tea cosy ones.

I pinned it back on the felt and cut out a backing piece.
I cut a little rectangle to fit over a safety pin. Give it a bit of extra length for ease of sewing. PLace it near the top of the brooch so it hangs nicely when pinned on.

I used my zipper foot to sew close to the pin then trimmed it back close to the stitching.

I made some wire feelers and made a little knot to catch into the seam.

I used monofilament in the top and yellow in the bobbin and sewed the top to the back around the edge of the fabric with the top facing up. You will have to flip the pin over a couple of times to get around it.

Wear it and be happy :)

Happy Sewing,
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