Saturday, March 5, 2011

A New Wallet

I got busy and finished my new wallet this morning. It has a contrasting embroidered flap and a safety loop. It closes with velcro. Inside are 4 card pockets and a money slot. I put a zipper on the bottom pocket to stop things falling out when it is flipped up. It is wider than my usual wallet so I thought it would be safer with a zip. Change is always a problem so I made a little change purse with the bottom corners sewn across and sewed it on the back before I sewed the wallet together. There is room for change, my phone and keys.

I now have two old wallets. I will keep the small wallets for a while. They are hardly used and I love the buttons.
They are made out of linen and polyester. They close with velcro. Inside is a coin purse also with velcro closing. My cards fit behind the coin purse and folded money fits in the bottom pocket. The small size is handy. I put zipper pockets in some of my clothes and they fit in nicely.

As well as my wallet in my handbag I have a handy little fold that holds all my other cards like Spotlight and Lindcraft and Coffee Club. Some are in the slots and most are in the pockets behind. I attached a loop of elastic to the back that loops around to keep it closed. I made it ages ago and haven't thought about making a new one yet.
It doesn't look finished? It was my first and I must have been keen to
show my daughters on email.

Anyway I probably should do some quilt making soon.

Happy Quilting,
PS I just got my Old Country Store Fabrics newsletter and they have the cutest bunny materials.
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