Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday is a day of rest

This is one of the projects in Homespun 12.3
Friday again. It is my day off! No exercises and no housework. I am going to get my hair cut then I am going to have a massage. Then after that I will probably visit my local quilting fabric shop. I noticed last visit that they had lots of autumn colours. I want to make pieced autumn leaves on some teatowels. I can afford 25cm of four different tones.

Yesterday I was busy making my bag from jelly roll strips that I bought at the same shop a while back. I sewed them all together then cut out the bag pattern. I saved two strips for the handles and one strip to put around the top of the lining. It has pockets on the back, pockets inside and a key purse on a ribbon. And I had to stitch some free hand music notes on the front. The lining is the sunnout side of my curtain sample pieces. I picked up about 40 big squares from the curtain shop for $8. He was getting rid of the old samples. That's what I am making my grocery shopping bags out of. I get one shopping bag from 2 squares.

For sewing today I want make some more star blocks for my charm square quilt and maybe even do some quilting on some of it and I want to play with the autumn leaves.

Happy Quilting,
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