Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lunch Out and My Sewing Room Spider

I had a lovely time yesterday looking at everyone's treasures. I spent quite a lot of time on the computer. However, I still found time to go out for lunch at the Lighthouse restaurant at Cleveland Point. The weather was perfect for sitting outside. It was low tide so the mudflats are in the foreground but the distant view of Stradbroke Island was very pleasant. I had herb crumbed orange roughy and my husband had the ginger and lime bugs. It was all very tasty.

The lighthouse is only a smaller replica

On the way there we stopped in at Bayside Stitchtcraft and I just had to buy some teacup fabric and pink check to make a table cloth. I have nearly got it sewn together!

There are four rows of teacups and they are all different.

I mentioned in one of my replies about my Dreamworld spider that I had a live one in my sewing room. I check each morning just to make sure where he has decided to hang out for the day. He has surprised me a couple of times. Yesterday he was behind my cupboard.

I am going to take a blog break for two days Thursday and Friday and come back on Saturday with my Friday Night Sew In post. I need a bit of time looking at the hills instead of the computer :)
Housework today is to clean two windows this afternoon. This morning we do the grocery shopping and now I better get upstairs and do my exercises.

Happy Quilting,
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