Thursday, March 3, 2011

Daily Exercise

I felt so good after my exercises this morning I just had to share what I do. It works so well for me. But it has taken me just over 10 years to get to this comfortable point.

I exercise in my little home gym 6 days a week. About 25mins each morning.

What do I do?
Sat - static strength and flexibility exercises
Sun - Flowing yoga routine
Mon - Strength exercises
Repeat for Tue, Wed,Thurs then Friday off

For strength on Monday and Thursday I do this routine:
16 of each
sit down squat
glute raise
calf raise
modified push up
half bridge
oblique curl
reverse curl
alternating superman

With the dumbbells
pectoral fly
single arm row
stretchy strap pulldown
shoulder press
lateral raise
tricep curl
bicep curl
bench press

At present I do the top of my reps (16) with 5kg dumbbells. I start a new weight level at 8 reps and build up slowly over several months. A few more weeks on 5kg and I will buy the 6kg dumbbells. I started on 1kg.
These exercises target all the main muscle groups and are at the beginner level.
My routine comes from Strength Training for Muscle Development by Mark Hatfield.

And a few sewing snippets.
Did you see this design from Crazy Moms Quilts. I really like quick and easy but it still looks like there is a lot of patchwork involved.

I still have to make lots more ornaments for my Christmas tree and I found a great idea at A Spoonful of Sugar. The method is different and easy.

Talin's Corner put me onto a cute gift bag design that is very simple but very pretty, also at A Spoonful of Sugar.
Stitch magazine update
I heard back from the people at Stitch magazine. They have updated the download file to include the pattern sheet. I am really happy with the magazine and much cheaper than having it posted.

Happy Quilting,
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