Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tickled Pink Tuesday and Tuesday Treasures Double Up

Welcome to my teacup post. I hope no one minds that I have doubled up on Tuesday. Most people seem to be sensible and join different groups on different days. Trouble is my favourite blog hops were both on the same day. I have included both buttons at the bottom of this post so you can keep following your ususal hop.

I showed you the back of my Royal Winton plate the other day. I bought the plate, teacup and saucer and teapot in 2009. As usual when I visit Brisbane I call into The Tea Centre in the Brisbane Arcade to stock up on my favourite teas. They had this beautiful set in the window and I just fell in love with it. I hadn't seen it before and the sales girl said they may not get any more. It is a bit special to get things that are not made in China.

I sometimes take it out for afternoon tea but the other day I felt like a nice tea set for my breakfast. I love the floral pattern inside the cup with the plain colour on the outside.
 It sits in my family room dresser where I can look at it every time I go past. Along with everything else :)

My daughter was with me when I bought it. She was saving her pennies for something and when we walked out of the shop she said to me in amazement "Mum,  you just spent more than $300 on a teapot! "  "And a teacup"  I said.

This set is one of my Treasures and I am Tickled Pink every time I use it. Click on the buttons below to read other's stories.

Happy Quilting,
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