Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Shopping Bag finished and my housework took 8 minutes

I managed to get my parcels posted this morning. The Owl and the pincushion top are on their way. I felt like creating so I made a shopping bag out of some sunout fabric I had and I appliqued on it with free motion machine stitching for the outline. I think the fabric suits natural things so I will make some more with birds or flowers and replace all my green bags. I used a green bag as a template and I noticed Woolies are selling the plastic bases separately so I will buy some to put in my new bags.

It is a few hours later now and tea time. I am just going to add a bit about how good my housework routine is. I know you youngins with kids can't imagine housework being easy but tonight I was cutting up some carrots for dinner and remembered that I still had my housework chore to do for the day. Wednesday is a window cleaning day so after putting the veges in the microwave for 8 mins I picked up my windex and paper towel and cleaned the sliding door to the pool and the window on that side. These are the windows on the schedule for today. I had just finished when the microwave beeped. I walked in the kitchen and dished up having completed my housework for the day. You can see my routine in the page link in the sidebar.

Happy Quilting,
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