Thursday, March 10, 2011

Time to Evaluate the Schedule and Get into the Garden

This is my lychee tree. We got a few lychees last season

After answering some comments about my housework I thought it was time to do an evaluation of the routine. The last few weeks I have not been looking forward to 90 min of housework on Mondays and Thursdays. It is becoming a chore! So today (Thursday) I am cutting down on the vacuuming. There are three sections. Now on Thursdays I will do the bedrooms and the family/kitchen and on Mondays i will do the lounge room and family/kitchen. I picked that breakdown because I already have clean out our bedroom for the first Thursday of the month and clean out the lounge room on the second Monday of the month.
I also thought that I have been wishing I could find time to get my vege garden going again. So instead of wishing I scheduled in 1/2 hour just after breakfast to be in the garden. Started today.

The whole bed was full of weeds. I have pulled a few out already.
All done.
The bed was delivered by Birdies. They have all sorts of sizes.

I have also been letting the non dishwasher things build up a bit and get a bit lazy stacking the dishwasher so I have written at the bottom of my schedule page that I will do the dishwasher on Mon, Wed, Fri and washup little things every morning before breakfast. I hate washing up at night. I was scheduled to have my shower between 8:30 and 9:00 but the water is off so I am at the computer.

I did some more bitty sewing with the triangle scraps from my star quilt. I made a pincushion and needlebook that I will offer to my neighbour.

Everything I do now has free hand machine stitching :)
Now I am 7 mins late for vacuuming!
Edit at 10:15 - 1 hour today. I finished at 10:07.
Happy Quilting,
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